Gutter Choice

If you are thinking about replacing the gutters on your home, then you will know you have a job on your hands. There are many decisions you must make before deciding on what gutters are best suited for your requirements. Nowadays, the choice of gutters available to the general public is extensive and it is very easy to get lost when trying to work out what’s best for you. The type of material that comes to mind first, when thinking of replacing your gutters is aluminium. Aluminium is very malleable which means it can be shaped easily and inexpensively but can be light weight in terms of structure. Once you decide to use aluminium, you then have to make another choice; should I use traditional or seamless gutters?


Seamless v Traditional Gutters

Seamed or traditional gutters are what the majority of the homes throughout the UK have installed on them. The major problem that traditional gutters have is their use of seams to join sections together. This join evidently is a weakness in the overall system and is prone to leaking over time. These gutters are bought in fixed lengths and then cut to the right size, before being joined using silicone or epoxy resin.


The seamless approach is vastly different from the seamed approach with one length of material used for the whole system. This length of material is bent on site into the required shape to fit the contours of the building. This gives an almost seamless finish (seams are still used at the corners) and should be far less prone to leakages of any kind. Not only do they perform a lot better but they also look better, as there is no need for ghastly joins every few feet. This type of gutter is generally more expensive to fix but the savings made from maintenance costs alone will negate that initial outlay in a short period of time.


Which should I Choose?

The choice you make for your guttering is entirely up to you. There is certainly nothing wrong with traditional gutters but they do tend to give problems over time and this may be something you want to avoid. Leaking gutters can be detrimental to your home, in terms of its foundations and sidings. If water is able to flood these areas of the home, rot, mould and general deterioration will occur. Once this starts it can be very costly to stop and prevention is of utmost importance. Seamless gutters are much sturdier than traditional gutters and this allows them to hold more weight during heavy down pours. Areas that experience extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or snow are more suitable for seamless gutters.

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