Gutter Inspection Cameras

The need to inspect your gutters has been mentioned many times on this website. Prevention is most definitely the cure when it comes to maintaining your gutters but inspecting them can be a difficult task. Assuming you have an extendable ladder and you are fit enough to climb it, you will still need to have incredible balance to lean over and look along the gutter. This is very different to cleaning a gutter, where you just need to be able to reach the pipes with a trowel. The use of telescopic cameras when carrying out this work has become increasingly popular and many companies adopt this approach rather than scaling a ladder.

Gutter Camera

An inspection medium allows you to quickly and efficiently check your gutters without having to set a foot off the ground. An hour long inspection job can now be carried out in a few minutes by just one person, without the need for any extra help. You won’t need to hire special scaffolding or even own a ladder to complete a job that would normally require at least one of these. You may even find that your public liability insurance is greatly reduced because you no longer have to risk the health of your employees. These cameras stream the video live on a handheld display in high definition, allowing the operator to get a detailed view of the inside of the gutter. These images can even be broadcast to a blue toothed enabled device and recorded for analysing later. The live footage allows the operator to make on the spot decisions as to whether the gutter requires maintenance or cleaning.

Gutter Inspections

The practicality of such a device has completely revolutionised the industry and has really changed our approach to gutter maintenance. The frequency at which this type of assessment is carried out has increased greatly which in turn saves home-owners thousands of pounds in costly repairs. There are many companies out there who provide such devices and the market itself seems to be expanding, with a number of new products available in 2013. I really do think that the days of scaling a ladder to inspect anything is over, as it is a risky approach that technology has left redundant. In my opinion it is about time we saw some evolution in this largely flagging industry. Telescopic cameras are here to stay, so get ready to swap your ladder for one now and embrace this potentially life-saving equipment.


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