Housing Exteriors

The number of materials available for your house exterior is monumental. If you tried to build a house with every material out there, then you’d be able to build from here to the end of the universe. When you look at what is available on the market today, in terms of shape, texture and especially colour, the options for the exterior of your house are pretty much limitless.


The materials used for roofing and guttering, such as wood, asphalt and tile for roofs, with aluminium and plastic primarily used for rain gutters, are readily available. You can also find homes constructed of plastic, canvas, wood and even grass sod. In the following series of articles, I will discuss a generous number of these options and look at how different exterior materials can give a home a different look and feel. I will be concentrating on materials that lend themselves to more of a traditional feel and even look at some materials that aren’t commonly used.

Asphalt Sampler

Finish your roof with whatever colour and texture you deem most suitable. Asphalt shingles come in a whole host of colours, from cool greys, fresh greens and mesmerising reds. The finish can be heavily textured or smooth to give your home a sharp finish that your friends and neighbours will be jealous of. Smooth, uniform surfaces can reinforce the meandering lines of a roof, adding definition to the roofs aesthetic appeal.


If you go for the premium option, you can obtain a finish that casts deep shadow lines, adding character to a roof, where you might not expect to find any. This three dimensional look provides definition and depth, leaving your roof as eye catching as a stained glass window. Heavy weight shingles can be used to create a diamond affect, which can be randomised to increase the aesthetic appeal of the house.

My preference when fitting asphalt roofs is to use warm earthy colours that help the roof blend into its setting. Smokey grey variants appeal strongly to the eye and create colour shifts along the bottom edge of each shingle. I find that two toned roofing shingles can be used to re-create a cone shaped roof, similar to those found in Victorian style housing.


As you can see, with asphalt shingles you have a lot of visual options available to you, at a more than affordable price. But whatever your budget, you may want to opt for asphalt as it is also hard wearing and durable.

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