Repairing Clogged Gutters

Clogged or bunged-up gutters can be devastating to any home and whether you are aware of it or not, the chances are your pipes will have some sort of build-up as you read this. Whether the maintenance of your home falls under your responsibility or not, you will have to stay on top of this issue.  Ignoring problems with your gutters will only lead to extensive damage to your property that may be difficult to remedy. The last thing you want, is to end up having to take out a second mortgage on your home because of a costly repair bill. This is the reality for many homeowners across the country, as they have had this attitude towards maintenance. It really is up to you. Spend a few hunted on maintenance now or spend a few thousand in the not so distant future.



Water Damage

Water damage, whether extensive or minute needs to be repaired. Even the smallest degree of water damage, will ultimately expand into extensive damage if not treated. So, what’s better than repairing damage? You guessed it, preventing damage in the first place. The biggest prevention mechanism you have is your gutters and when these are not functioning properly, your home is at serious risk. Gutters are designed to keep water from entering the foundations and siding of your home. Many homes are constructed using porous materials that will let some degree of water enter the home. Many people think that just because their home is made of concrete it is impenetrable by water but this is simply not the case.


The Unclogging Process

Most issues related to any problems you may have, can generally be repaired quite easily.  A little effort goes a long way to ensuring the protection of your home against the elements. Again, if maintenance is not your responsibility, please pass this information on to your landlord. Over a period of a few months debris will collect in your gutters. Whether it’s from leaves, branches, grass cuttings or even dead animals or insects, debris will accumulate to the point where water is no longer able to pass. This accumulation over time, may lead to sagging (as discussed in previous articles) but your primary concern should be water seeping over the side of the pipes.


The process of unclogging could not be easier and the only piece of equipment that is required to complete this task is an extension ladder (although those who live in bungalows can use a step ladder).  It really is as simple as ascending the ladder and using a scooping device (or even your hands) to remove any debris that is present. Use a refuge bag or bucket to hold the leaves, twigs etc. This is better than depositing it on the ground below and having to clean it up later.

I bet you didn’t think in a million years, that unclogging your gutters could ever be so simple but it really is. It does not require any specialised equipment or specialist skills to successfully complete. So the next time you reach for the phone to call in the professionals, why not tackle the task yourself?

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