The Role of Rain Gutters

If you are scratching your head and basically wondering what I am talking about, then you are not alone. There are many people in this world who have absolutely no idea the fantastic and basically home-saving job that are gutters carry out on a daily basis. If you are wondering who just put a quarter in me, sit back while I convey to you the very nature of our guttering and how it protects us from the awesome forces of nature. The benefit of having a gutter network, that expels water away from your home, has been discussed in length in other articles on the Internet but I want to go deeper into this theme. The purpose of this blog post is to make people re-think their approach to maintenance and hopefully spur them on to take action before it is too late.



Structural Problems

Now I really don’t want to be doom mongering like this and the chances are if you haven’t taken any notice of your gutters, then they are probably in working order. It is normally only when things start to go wrong, that people tend to notice these home-protectors and get into a fluster about them. The main purpose of this system is to help divert water away from your property into your ground drainage system which is better equipped to dealing with large volumes of water. If large pools of water start to collect around your property, the chances are that this water will start to seep into your foundations. Although your foundations are able to cope with a little ground water, weeks or months of complete saturation will cause the concrete to deteriorate. But it is not only the base of the house which will be a point of distress, water running down the walls of the property dues to sagging or blocked gutters will stain and possibly erode the concrete walls of your home. Staining in itself is more of an annoyance as it detracts from the aesthetics of the house but a crumbling outer structure can be hazardous to the overall durability of your home.

Gutter Mould

Mould Build-Up

Now that we have discussed structural problems there is one more issue that needs to be discussed in full. Mould can very quickly obliterate the internal environment of your home, leaving rooms uninhabitable and you with no other choice but to get the professionals in. As well as being unsightly, mould can cause many respiratory issues in those who are in close proximity with it and it is especially hazardous to infants and children under two. Remedying this issue is often drastic, with replacement being the approach rather than removal where possible. The cost of maintaining your gutters is nothing compared to the cost of eradicating your home from damp and mould.

This article should give you a lot to think about in terms of how you maintain your home. Spending a little money now will prevent you from having to fork out thousands in the near future. More will come on this very serious problem.



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